What can I do for you?

Matchmoving is what I do best! My specialty is to solve complex shots, both well and unprepared, and often including detailed reconstruction of set, object and rotomation geometry.

The professional matchmove services I provide to visual effects companies and motion design studios, include:

»  ON SET  –  matchmove supervision, data survey, photography.

»  IMAGE PREP  –  lens distortion, rolling shutter, stabilization.

»  TRACKING  –  mono/stereo 3d camera and object tracking.

»  LAYOUT  –  set/object reconstruction, set fitting, camera animation.

»  ROTOMATION  –  modeling, rigging, object/character rotomation.

»  SCANNING  –  terrestrial/handheld laser scanning, photogrammetry.

»  ADVICE  –  marker design/placement, witness cams, workflow.

»  OTHER  –  reverse engineering in CAD, texture extraction.

How can you hire me?

You can hire me for both in-house, remote and on-set work...

You can pay me by the hour, by day or on a shot-by-shot basis...

Generally I prefer a combination of both in-house and remote work; in-house to keep in close contact with other artists and the pipeline, and remote to be able to spend time my lovely wife and daughters.

I also love to be involved in the planning stage of a shot, and to be on-set to prep and/or supervise a shoot in order to simplify the tasks for matchmoving, and smooth out the workflow.

My tracking workflow is based on 3D Equalizer, SynthEyes, PFTrack and Maya; shots can be delivered to a wide range of 2D/3D software.

If you want to save time and money by choosing to work with proper matchmoves only, that are accurate from the start, and don't need fixes through your whole pipeline,

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